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News from Branchchief WKKA Vladimir Aniskin. Sint Petersburg. Russia.
February 24 in St. Petersburg, held a tournament among children and juniors under 15 years of Kumite. About 100 participants from various organizations and clubs

participate. Congratulations to all the winners! 

On 5th and 6th January 2019, our Chairman Shihan Prasanjeet Bhattacharjee of the WKKA India, organized a very successful tournament. The first WKKA Open Asian Cup. Thanks a lot for the tremendes work and time for this huge event for Kyokushinkai WKKA. We are very proud to see this happened in Asia.OSU.

17 october 2018.

With great respect we welcome the Russian federation.

Russia. Kyokushin Budo Karate Union. 

Vladimir Aniskin 4th dan. Russia. Chairman.

Sergeh Zheleznov 5th dan. Russia.

Vladimir Glazkov 4th dan. Russia.

Roman Aniskin 3th dan. Russia.

Vitaly Redchin  3th dan. Russia.

Sergey Potapov 1th dan. Russia. 

WKKA is very pleased with this collaberation in Russia. Good luck.  OSU.

31 juli 2018. 

We welcome Shihan Prasanjeet Bhattacharjee 5th dan, to the WKKA.

Convinced that he is the right person,

Shihan Prasanjeet Bhattacharjee is appointed to be the BRANCH CHIEF of the WKKA, representing India.

We are very pleased with a great champion and teacher to join our association. We wish him good luck and strenght to bring out the message of the WKKA.  Congratulations. Osu.